This carefully crafted new slasher horror film revisits the terrorizing concept of mental trauma that creates killers when excess and concealment bury a mind in shadows, the trigger effect. The storyline is tightly brought together through the concepts of love that weave through the fibers of every family, the lack of such thread, or even the over-stitching of it.

It is a perfect summer day in pure Michigan andĀ a young NYC arts college studentĀ is ready to bring his two worlds together. The young man recruits the help of his friends to act as support as he shares this information with his small town country family. Tragically, they all learn that sometimes older secrets are even more deadly. These old secrets between the two families, the Holisters and the Killians, are the snapped threads that sent a boy grasping onto his last grip of normalcy deep into a maze of twisted family, love, and life. It’s a dark, terrorizing, and disturbing view that takes hold like rabies in a ravaged dog.

Creator, Director, and Co-Writer Glenn Douglas Packard (Emmy Award Nominee) teamed up with Executive Producer and Co-Writer Darryl F. Gariglio to create a style, quality, and angle that will be outstanding in the Pitchfork Trilogy. They painstakingly create the detachment people feel that always comes to haunt a soul, whether it be through family, love, or friendship and rolls that segregation from the deep, city boroughs far into the countryside. It is an isolation of love that is everywhere.